“Now I can see that I also was given a mathematical problem which I cannot solve although I seem to have been trying for many many years. I am not really here in England in this scented garden although it does not disappear as it nearly always does, I am inventing all this and it is about to disappear, but it does not.”

Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet

it was always supposed to be like this

it was never supposed to be like this, yet here

here you are, 

with your synthetic teeth and rented bee suit...

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, poetry, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes


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Thanks for this meditation. All thoughts are real, most of them muted, but they internally scream. They constantly create roots, in all directions, some of them will provide us food for sure, but nobody can promise it.

Thank you so much for playing, and for this lovely, sinuous comment!

An enjoyable musing on the significance of the insignificant and possibility. I enjoyed the experience!